About Us

United Shipchandlers Limited was founded by Mr. Henry To in 1982, starting with a small office and a few staff. During the years, the Company experienced peak periods as well as tough times following the up and down waves of the marine industry. Along the way, the Company has taken advantage of diverse opportunity for development and achieved great success. United Shipchandlers Limited is now considered as one of the biggest shipchandler in Hong Kong and in the region.

Today, our Company operates from a 3,000 square metre office and warehouse facility in the New Territories in Hong Kong, next to the container terminal. The present manpower is around 60 staff solely for the ship supplies business. Although the Company has enjoyed great success, it keeps on moving. The Company is continuously investing in systems and facilities and enhancing its management skills so that the customers can be served in a more cost-effective way.

United Shipchandlers offers a comprehensive range of provisions, bonded items and general stores supplies. We constantly import provision lines with sound quality as well as technical store items directly from their countries of origin such as Germany, Holland, Spain, Singapore, China, etc. By investing in its own stock, the Company is in better control of their availability, quality at competitive prices.

In the meantime, the Company invests heavily in manpower. Through these highly skilled and well educated staff, the Company can serve customers better. These key persons include:

  • Mr. Alfred Chu - Sales Manager
  • Henry To
  • Managing Director