United Shipchandlers Limited was established in 1982 with over 30 years of experience in the ship supplies industry. All the time, we were concentrating on improving our product quality, service standard and striking to come up with the lowest possible prices offered to our customers. We think customer care is ultimately the most important sector. Our policy is working successfully in term that presently we are supported by many worldwide renowned customers. On the other hand, promotion activities were seldom launched as to strengthen our popularity.

Now, with the advancement in technology and popularity in internet communication, we think this is the ripe time for us to develop this website so that our customers can understand better about us as well as our region. This surely can help us to serve you better!

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About Us

United Shipchandlers Limited was founded by Mr. Henry To in 1982, starting with a small office and a few staff. During the years, the Company experienced peak periods as well as tough times following the up and down waves of the marine industry. Along the way, the Company has taken advantage of diverse opportunity for development and achieved great success. United Shipchandlers Limited is now considered as one of the biggest shipchandler in Hong Kong and in the region.


Our Location

We are located in Hong Kong, at the heart of Asia. Hong Kong is well known for its free port status and easy customs procedures. Duty is required only on very few products such as cigarettes, tobacco and liquors.